Sunday, October 11, 2009

Real Life is in the Way!

I have begun work outside of the home. The first 'job' in 9 years, and I gotta tell ya' it's getting in the way of my happy hauntings! Here's what I have accomplished though...

Yummy pumpkin bites from Bakerella!

Desk vignette(sp?) Mirror salvaged from garage attic, spider candelabra from Superstore(3.99 after Halloween sale) gifted picture frame(my boys in a sepia tone pic!) yard sale metal pitcher and globe thistle seed heads from the garden; sister's throw away 'Beetlejuice' inspired fabric; and feather wreath from Homesense(14.99)

My fall cleanup acquisition, which I promptly spray painted purple and covered with a fall tablecloth.(I couldn't find any Halloween ones!)

My painted driftwood DH dragged home from the beach this summer!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My New Ride!

Sorry for not posting our Halloween fun for the past two days, I was busy putting some mile on my new Halloween broom! Actually it's not new -it just got a new paint job, heehee! I sprayed the handle black and used purple and green 'Duck' tape to stripe it! Too easy!

We also got some corn stalks to make Pumpkin people but the weather isn't going to co-operate for awhile...

Friday, October 2, 2009

30 Days...

Today I mummified the Teddies and left a printable message found at 'Don't eat the paste'. (I thought it was from there but I can't find it now, sorry!) It says-your mummy loves you!

I think the mummies/teddies(tummies?) will also have a treat (fruit nuggets) for the boys!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inexpensive Table Runner

I picked up some cute tea towels at 'HomeSense' yesterday and ...well... just couldn't bring myself to wipe dishes with them! I handstitched some ribbon to them (40% off at Michaels), tied them together and instant(well, almost) table runner for our little table.

Now what about those chairs? Hmmmm... maybe next year!

31 Days of Halloween Fun!

It's time to bring a bit of Halloween into everyday! I have a 9 and a 5 year old (both boys) so I have an excuse to (what some might call) OVER celebrate the holidays in our house! I know I enjoy it more than they do, but hopefully they'll take some fun memories with them into adulthood!

Today's suprise for them was sugar cookie pumpkins in their lunchboxes. I picked up some black and orange non-pareils at HomeSense yesterday, (that's a whole other post!) and sprinkled those on-not fancy just fun!

I've got to dig out the gauzy fabric for tomorrow's 'bit of Halloween!