Sunday, October 11, 2009

Real Life is in the Way!

I have begun work outside of the home. The first 'job' in 9 years, and I gotta tell ya' it's getting in the way of my happy hauntings! Here's what I have accomplished though...

Yummy pumpkin bites from Bakerella!

Desk vignette(sp?) Mirror salvaged from garage attic, spider candelabra from Superstore(3.99 after Halloween sale) gifted picture frame(my boys in a sepia tone pic!) yard sale metal pitcher and globe thistle seed heads from the garden; sister's throw away 'Beetlejuice' inspired fabric; and feather wreath from Homesense(14.99)

My fall cleanup acquisition, which I promptly spray painted purple and covered with a fall tablecloth.(I couldn't find any Halloween ones!)

My painted driftwood DH dragged home from the beach this summer!

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